Thursday, March 20, 2008

The Bunny Man Cometh

This little beeswax candle is one of my favorites. It's especially nice this time of year with Easter and Spring at our doorsteps. It just so happens it's available at my etsy shop. Don't be shy if you see only one is available. If you want more you can contact me either through an Etsy conversation, comment on this blog, or standard e-mail.

In other Easter news, I'm mulling over the possibility of making my very own marshmallow candies. You know, those chocolate-covered marshmallow eggs or, dare I say, Peeps. If I get up enough gumption to make the attempt, I'll try to compose a photo chronical of the adventure. I'm sure it would prove to be very amusing.

Charlotte and her boy will be returning from Germany on Easter Sunday. We're all eager to hear about their travels. I believed most certainly they would encounter ghosts in the many ancient castles they toured, but they were skeptical. We shall see.

I'm also on a bend where I listen to old radio shows while I work on my crafts. I mostly like the suspense/mystery/horror stories. Most recently I listened to a trio of stories from the series Murder At Midnight. The thrills are quite tame, but I remain rivited and they make the time fly by.

That brings us to the conclusion of today's installment of Auntie B's Wax. This is your host, Auntie B, signing off. So long. *dramatic organ music plays loudly, then fades to silence*

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