Friday, March 14, 2008

The Long Weekend, Part 1

Every year at this time I get snarky. March 17 marks the anniversary of the commencement of my day job. I get blue, thinking I should have progressed further in a career, thinking I could have pursued other paths, knowing what I know about civil service and the people we serve... So every year I take at least the anniversary day off as a time to reflect and reevaluate. I've spent many years in the agency at which I serve the public, and the people I work with have come to accept my agitation during March, and have come to expect I will take my leave for at least one day during the month.

This year I decided to take a long weekend instead of one day - Friday through Monday. I'm feeling refreshed already, as I started my mini vacation today. Of course I have high hopes of what I will accomplish these four days, and of course I know I won't accomplish all of those goals. But to have the wiggle room to know, I have enough time to do this task right now, more room than the small window of time I usually have between coming home from work and going to bed, is so liberating.

Today flew by, but I've grown quite tired by now and it's only 9:00 p.m. I started the day working on a custom order from one of my favorite customers. (Hi G!) The aromas of green apple and fresh squeezed orange scented candles wafted from my basement studio through the entire house. It smelled like springtime! I did some packaging of items for the upcoming boutique. I worked on bottle caps for future magnets and drink charms. I even scrubbed the floor in the foyer, kitchen, and dinette areas of the house.

I also spent some time on the computer, checking Etsy now and again, just to see the magnificent, whimsical, and beautiful items on display, including mine! I updated my sidebar to include my EtsyMini. I chatted with some fellow Etsians about troubles and successes.

So far my little mini vacation is turning out just fine. My snark level went down about ten points today. There's still so much to do, but I have three more days in which to accomplish things. There will be more candle pouring, more bottle cap making, more cutting, more pasting, and yes, even more house cleaning.

Springtime is a time of renewal. Perhaps my temperament isn't so much because of the anniversary of my day job as it is the need to shed my winter layer and break out rejoicing in the new season. I do so love the heaviness, darkness, and quite of winter, but I'll admit to smiling when I see those first robins flitting among our backyard pine trees.


Kellybot said...

I'm a civil servant, too. (city of saint paul)

I tagged you...

Have fun!

Anonymous said...
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