Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Busy Days Ahead

Hello from the land of no sleep.

Things are getting busy around here. Shows and boutiques are coming up, not to mention personal orders (thanks everyone!) and store restocking. You'd think I'm rich and famous by now, but in reality the bulk of my waking hours are still spent at my day job, which is becoming rather pesky to me. I'd much rather be spending all of my time pouring delicious-smelling candles (tonight was Country Garden and Citrus & Teakwood) and creating fun things like magnets and drink charms.

The drink charms are at the top of my list right now, as they are a hot seller at boutiques. They're fun little items and encourage hosts and hostesses to open up those bottles of wine that have been gathering dust in the basement wine cellar. I'll have some for sale at my shop as soon as I'm satisfied with the inventories needed elsewhere. Not that my shop takes second billing or anything...

There's a break in store for me soon, however, as Husbie and I are going to spend a little time at the casino this coming weekend. I have visions of a square candle that looks like a die. A dice? You know, that little thing with the dots on it. Even gambling inspires me. Coming soon will be drink charms featuring the coveted royal flush. Plus Joker, of course. After all, isn't he wild?

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