Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sugar Blobs

I wonder, now that Easter has passed does it mean Spring is here? We're in for some more snow later this week. Oh yeah, I forgot, Easter was very early this year.

It was a good Easter despite the small number we had in celebration at our family gathering. I'm sorry to report I didn't attempt the homemade marshmallow candies; I think it would have made for a fun project. Perhaps Christmastime will bring cause to make some chocolate-dipped homemade marshmallow treats. I've made marshmallows from scratch once before, and they're suprisingly easy to make. Try it some time. I use Martha Stewart's recipe. The "Peeps" recipe can also be found on Martha Stewart's website. I think what deterred me was the fact that there was piping involved. I anticipated being disappointed in the certain blobs I would create.

But being a crafter or artist, what are attempts without the blobs? How many errors occur before we get it just right? Where's the fun in creating something perfectly the first time? If I had made the marshmallow piping attempt late last week I'd be chewing on leftovers of those sugary little blobs right now. Dang!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

nothin' wrong with blobs... as long as it's sugary ;)

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