Sunday, March 02, 2008

Lazy Afternoons

It’s a rainy day here. The precipitation in this area hasn’t been liquid in months. Temperatures rise, and instead of simply providing light the sun actually feels warm during the day. But the sun isn’t out today. It’s overcast and drizzly. The snow is slowly meltin away. I have a fire going in the fireplace to take the damp feeling out of the air. It’s going to be another cozy night in Minnesota.

Although I got quite a few things done today, pouring votives and pillars, labeling and packaging orders, and even a few household chores, it’s been a lazy day. What’s more perfect for a lazy day than a nap? Husbie has the right idea and is napping right now. And what’s better to get you started on a rainy, lazy afternoon nap? An eye pillow, of course. You’d look sort of like this if you had one:

You can find and eye pillow exactly like this in my shop. They’re relaxing and comforting. They’re also used by practitioners of yoga during their relaxation and meditation sessions.

So place a little pillow of comfort on your eyes and let your worries melt away. After today’s rain and tonight’s dropping temperature, you’ll have enough to worry about tomorrow morning when you have to scrap that thin layer of ice off your windshield.

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