Sunday, March 30, 2008

Winter's Last Hurrah

It was the last weekend in March. The Easter snow was nearly melted, the sun was feeling just a little warm. After a morning of doing chores and running errands, Husby and I went out for a seafood lunch, then headed to the video store for a couple of movies to enjoy by the last fire of the winter season.

This is what my fireplace looks like when I'm not wearing my glasses.

Little did we know on Monday morning at 7:00 a.m. the snow would come again, falling from the sky in the form of heavy, wet snowballs for a full twenty-four hours. Of course I had the car washed the day before.

In addition to the frustrations I feel over the weather, my patience is being tried by a small custom order of votive candles. They just aren't cooperating and I'm on a serious deadline.

Good thing about candles - if they don't turn out just so I can melt them and start all over with new hopes for the perfect outcome. I wish Mother Nature would follow my lead and melt these eight inches of snow with hopes for the perfect outcome of Spring.

1 comment:

XUE said...

How funny....that's how our fireplace looks like when I'm not wearing my glasses!

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