Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Long Weekend, Part 3

March 17 brought a blizzard to Minnesota. Okay, it wasn't really a blizzard; I refer to any snow as a blizzard. Anyway, it was snowing cats and dogs yesterday, the 17th of March. Snowing. A lot. Well, in the spirit of my rediscovered nesting practices I decided to prepare a dinner of the ultimate comfort food - meatloaf. It turned out to be a lovely evening with the snow falling, the smell of home cooking filling the house...a wonderful conclusion to a long weekend, a mini vacation from the usual day-to-day.

So ends my long weekend. I'm back to work with a certain heaviness, but also with a refreshed feeling. The 3-4" of snow that fell last night is quickly melting, the streets are wet, the air is damp. My boss at work was relieved to see me today, as things were starting to pile up on my desk. Returning to the routine. *sigh* In a way it's good to be back. In a bigger way I'm grateful for the time I spent outside of the routine. Gotta get wild once in a while and roast a turkey in March. Speed up, slow down, just be different from the routine. And when the routine becomes a drudgery again, take another detour.

I just love those spontaneous, long weekends.

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Kerry said...

We are all a bit sick of the white stuff at this point. I do wish I had some of that meatloaf, it's my secret fav food. I can't make it to save my life...I can make nearly anything else with success, but the meatloaf has eluded me for some reason!

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