Friday, September 05, 2008

A Celebration

This weekend we celebrate a marriage. A 50-year-old marriage. I'm proud to say it is the marriage of my parents.

Charlotte and I have been busily preparing for this event, ordering cake, gathering photos, and making reservations. Through all the preparations not much thought (on my part) had been given to the milestone event to be recognized. Now that the weekend of celebration is here, it has finally sunk in what a momentous occasion this really is.

They were young. Back in '58 they had smooth skin, dark hair, and very little worries. Through the decades they have seen it all. And through it all they remained faithful and loving to each other. There were births. There were troubled teens. There was addiction and recovery. They've seen each of their children graduate from high school and college. They've witnessed each of their children's weddings. They helped one through divorce. There were more births, making them the best grandparents ever put on earth. There were deaths, including the most heart-breaking, that of their only son.

Through it all they remained strong, yet so vulnerable that with every passing year they become more human than I as a child ever recognized them to be. They've survived. Their skin has weathered, their hair has turned grey. They have had experiences throughout their lives that weigh heavy on them. But they remain full of joy. They continue to spread that joy to all who encounter them.

A toast to you, Mom and Dad. Thanks for being such a good example of the institution of marriage. Thanks for guiding us as children, and befriending us as adults. Here's to wishing you many more years of marriage. Because of your union, because of your lives, the lives of others have been made more happy.

Now let's party!


ourgreatgreenglobe said...

congrats- in this day and age, this is impressive!

MySweetThree said...

What a heartwarming post...and many congrats to your parents!

Mrs.Kwitty said...

Awww---what a lovely post (brought tears to my eyes)..

A very Happy Anniversary to your your parents!!

Have a great party--it is indeed a good reason to celebrate!

Smiles, Karen

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