Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stormy Tuesday

As I sit listening to the pounding rain and thunder and watch the lightening flash outside my window on this stormy Tuesday night I think about the glorious weekend we had at the Chateau St. Croix Fall Festival. It was the most beautiful fall day, summer-like actually, with the leaves just starting to turn and the smell of wine commingling with that of the fresh country air. I have to say working shows at the Chateau St. Croix winery is almost as enjoyable and relaxing as a vacation.

Along with the fabulous weather, the festival offered lots of fun activities. Both Saturday and Sunday morning provided a game of polo for the attendees to enjoy. There were also grape spitting contests, wine barrel rolling contests, and grape stomping contests. There were tours of the winery and wine tastings. Yes, there was wine, lots and lots of wine, by the glass, by the bottle, by the case. Rumor has it records were set with attendance. Bravo, Chateau St. Croix people!

Of course my little corner of the festivities did quite well too. The mini devotional candles made their public debut, as did the cute little fabric match holders. My candles were the hit of the booth as I offered a great variety of waxes, colors, and scents. The drink charms continue to provide lots of laughs, and my efforts resulted in return customers and never-ending compliments.

I especially liked those two couples who stopped by at closing time on Saturday evening. The ladies were very candle savvy and gave me a sale and many compliments on my candles. The gentlemen were positively giddy with the happenings of the day behind them and a couple of glasses of wine inside them. A very fun bunch indeed.

I’d also like to send a big hello and thank-you to Bryan and Missy who not only added a lot of life to the festivities of the weekend, but also saw my pulp fiction magnets in a whole new way. Tres cool!

My only regret is that I didn’t take my camera to post pictures. I’m also behind on photographing the products themselves. I’ll be posting pictures of the match stick holders and mini devotionals soon, so stay tuned.

Coming up next is Township Days. Stop by Polar Lake Park and help celebrate White Bear Township’s 150th birthday. Woo hoo!

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