Sunday, September 28, 2008

Township Days=Old Home Week

September is just about over, and flew by fast. Seems like just yesterday I was spending the day at the State Fair, which ended September 1. October is a big production month for me as I prepare for fall shows and other winter sales. As you can imagine, in Minnesota fall and winter are big candle months.

I ended the summer yesterday at the Township Days celebration in White Bear Township. The weather was cold and windy, especially up there on the hill at Polar Lakes Park. Despite the autumn nip in the air there were a few people walking around in shorts and t-shirts. Me? I was bundled up in two jackets.

There were lots of activities at the festival, including a classic car display, a hip-hop dance lesson, demonstrations of the Jaws of Life given by the fire department, and a free concert performed by Billy McLaughlin. The night ended with a wonderful fireworks display.

Of course there were booths tended by local businesses, including Auntie B's Wax and The Farmer's Daughter. I also met a wonderful woman who sells Emu products. Emu? Yeah, you heard it right. There were also great food vendors to keep us energized throughout the day.

So I'm there at my booth and a lovely couple stops in to smell the candles. All the while we're chit-chatting and I have this feeling of familiarity toward the guy. He reminded me of someone, but I couldn't put my finger on it. They spent a bit of time looking and sniffing and making friendly small-talk. With their fine taste they decided to buy a couple of candles, and when the woman handed me the check I saw the name and my memory began to serve me. Turns out I went to high school with this guy and was great friends with his brother, who is a year older. If they paid cash for their purchase I would have never realized who he was. It's been thirty years!

Mr. Vega, if your brother directs you here, click on my contact and drop me a line. And Mr. Vega's Brother, you've just about convinced me to attend the next high school reunion. Quite obviously I've fallen out of touch, and would love to see all the old faces again.

You just never know who you'll see at a craft show!

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Glorious Hats said...

HI Sara, Enjoy your blog. Your posts are so friendly and nice to read.

That has earned you this tap for tag. Play if you would like.

Details on my blog.

Thanks, Jane

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