Tuesday, September 30, 2008

At Long Last, Some Time To Play Tag

With a blog comes the responsibility of playing with the big dogs. Playing tag, that is. I’ve been tagged by Mrs. Glorious Hats, a blogger and artist I truly admire. Now that I’m “it,” I have to list seven things about myself, random or weird. Let’s see what I can come up with.

1. Despite my rapidly diminishing typing skills and sappy verbiage, I have fantasies of becoming an author. My new laptop makes me feel like one.

2. I love burning my candles as much as I love making them. Sometimes I run low on inventory for the three candles in the bathroom, the eight candles in the rumpus room, a bunch in the kitchen, the votive candles lining the stairway, and the lovely grouping on the dining room table. It’s a good thing to believe in your product.

3. The left side of my brain prevents me from trusting my intuition like I should. I crave order which I rarely achieve, and in that chaos I forget to listen to my gut. Our guts are very smart. Don’t underestimate the gut.

4. I love diamonds and furs. Real ones.

5. I have not-so-secret crushes on Mike Oldfield and Jean Michel Jarre. Sometimes I wonder, should we ever meet, if they’d take a liking to me. I think it would be really cool to be friends with someone famous.

6. Current favorite TV shows are Monk, Boston Legal, Pushing Daisies, and strangely enough, Worst Week.

7. For twenty-two years of my life didn’t like cream cheese. I remember the exact day that changed, and have loved it ever since.

Well, now that you have far too much information about me, I’m off to tag some more people. If they decide to play you can learn too much about them too. Here’s who I choose:

Kim at http://northshoreclay.blogspot.com/

Rhena at http://larsandaddie.blogspot.com/

Sarah at http://minnesotamadre.blogspot.com/

You guys can play if you like, or leave me to be "it" forever. I just like your work and your blogs, so there. If you choose to play, all you need to do is list seven things about yourself, random or weird, and tag seven other people (I only tagged three!) by leaving a link on your post and a comment on their blog.


Sarah said...

fun, fun. i'm making a fancy dinner for tonight so i blogged quickly, but will play tag tomorrow. thanks!

Sarah said...

whew! very fun. thanks for the tag. have a great weekend.

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