Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Do You Believe?

I've always been intrigued with astrology, but give it about as much clout as those giant personality computers I see at the State Fair. Simply stated, I'm a skeptic. Didn't Shakespeare write, "The fault...is not in our stars, but in ourselves..."

But I'm a girl who likes to have fun. I take those tacky Cosmo quizzes once in a while. I like to find out what kind of utensil I am. So, in the spirit of astrology and goofy quizzes around the world, I invite you to find out what color you are, and what it means.

I was delighted to find out that the color of my birthday month is orange just for the fact that orange is my favorite color. But what does it mean?

The color for the month of August is Sun Orange. Grand and royal, this is a color that resonates with power and greatness. Gold signifies both spirtual and material weath. The sun moves through the majestic sign of Leo during the month of August. The sign of Leo rules royalty. The brightness of this color dispels darkness and is especially helpful when you feel the need to protect yourself. Wearing, meditating on, or surrounding yourself with Sun Orange increases joy and optimism. It also assists in aligning you with riches, monetary support and your position in life.

And then we get a little more specific and include the day of birth. The color of my birth month coupled with my birth day is azalea. Here's what colorstrology has to say about that:

You have a convincing and dramatic nature. You are extremely powerful and when you put your mind to something, you will do nothing short of achieving it. You are serious yet playful, and it is that combination that helps you move unscathed through many of life's challenges. Your personal color calms your intensity. Wearing, medicating on, or surrounding yourself with Azalea combines your passion with spirituality.

So I guess that makes me powerful and rich. Not! But it's really fun anyway. Try it out!


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