Friday, September 12, 2008

A Clarification

I was laying in bed last night, tossing and turning, hoping I hadn't given the wrong impression with my letter to Colleen.

Let me just clarify that the "Mary Jane" candle is not made from marijuana, nor will it make you high if you burn it. I know, some of you might be very disappointed by this, but Auntie B's Wax is a respectable business. No reefer madness here! However, the Mary Jane candle will emit the fragrance of marijuana, which could be a fun prank to play on parents or teenage kids.

Whew! Now that I got that all straightened out I can go about my business. Far out.

1 comment:

creativesundries said...

Ha! Sara, that is hilarious! I've never heard of that idea. Patchouli is the closest scent I can think of.

Remind me when you're at the Salem church--I live not too far from there!
Sarah :-)

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