Friday, July 09, 2010

Friday Favorite

Today's choice comes all the way from across the pond.  I give you my favorite...t-shirt.

It's over twenty years old and probably smells like the dickens, but I can't ever, ever get rid of it.  My brother brought it back from England as a souvenir for me.  Back in my saucier days it caught many eyes as the word "Virgin" was most prominent.  I thought that was amusing.

I only wear it around the house now as it is tattered and faded with many years of wear and wash, but it remains my favorite.  When it is beyond wearing it will join many others in the Rubber Maid hamper, also known as a tomb of t-shirts, someday to be incorporated into pillows or blankets or some other "art" I might create from their sassy and memorable slogans.  For now it is cherished and worn with dreams of visiting Europe and memories of Diggy.


Anonymous said...

Why would you get rid of it? It really does seem very important to you ;)

Emily said...

I love how you thought it was a bit rebellious because it has the Virgin logo on it!! My favourite tshirts are those ones which have faded so much, they are a colour that you could never create synthetically and where the fabric is so worn and thin that it almost feels silky.

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