Friday, July 23, 2010

The Universe And Its Metaphors

Strange how things happen.  The Universe is watching you.

Here's how it happened.  For months...nay years I've been trying to build up my little business.  I've also been trying to be a good wife, housekeeper, employee, daughter, sister, and friend.  I've learned to prioritize and organize, or so I thought.  In the process of prioritizing I've neglected some pretty important things for too long.  In attempts to organize I've wasted valuable time getting things in order over and over again.

Making business decisions, cheering for the little progress, rolling with the defeats and losses, and producing, producing, producing has taken the spotlight.  After all, I'm working toward a nice little supplement to my retirement in a few years.  However, without my even knowing it there has been a tiny bug inside me, chewing away at my effectiveness.  It was trying to tell me something without having the ability to just come right out and say it.  In my preoccupied state I didn't even hear its whimpers, which would translate into the English language as "slow down, even out, just stop it!"

So I'm going along in life thinking I'm all that, except maybe just a tad tired.  Today I was restocking after a sad showing at Marketfest (fabulous event, just not the kind of place where people buy stuff) and puttering around the house.  I remembered it was time to wind the clock, so I did.

Thirty seconds later I heard a hollow bang which came from the vicinity of the clock.  The spring broke and the clock stopped ticking.

Beside the fact that this is a beloved heirloom three generations old which I recently got fixed to run perfectly and now I just ruined it, I realized my action was a metaphor delivered to me from The Universe.  You're wound too tight, baby.

After the requisite breakdown which accompanies a generalized feeling of failure and inadequacy I've decided to listen to The Universe, as well as that inarticulate tiny bug that's been gnawing at me for so long.  I'm going to step back.  I'm going to get some perspective.  I'm going to optimize my effectiveness. 

I may not produce as much as I have been.  I may not list items for sale in my shop as frequently.  I might not even post here every day.  But I do know I'll be checking in as I always have, making notes on the journey I'm on.  Perhaps I can share some insights that may apply to you.  Perhaps you can leave comments that could help me.

For now, I'm going to approach the weekend with a new vision.  I'm going to rest as well as work.  I'm going to do business chores as well as household chores.  I'm going to drink a glass of wine as well as a gallon of caffeine.  In other words, I'm finally going to listen to The Universe and unwind a little so I can keep better time. 

I'm also going to take the clock in for repairs...again.


Cheri said...

I have a suggestion, take 10 minutes a day, put on a timer for the 10 and with no radio, music, tv, movie, magazine, or anyone around to distract you, sit in the bathtub if you have too and just get bored for those 10 minutes and do this everyday for a week. Busy is not always the answer, especially when you are such a creative soul as you, this will help clear out more room for the universe chat, which is what its all about. Oh and watch that caffeine intake! Loved this article!

Sara said...

Thanks, Cheri. Your suggestion is something I might try. One thing I must realize is the world will not come to a halt if I don't get "that thing" done.

Listening to The Universe for ten minutes a day is definitely a doable task and perhaps next time it won't have to shout to get my attention.

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