Friday, July 30, 2010

Subversive Messages = Satisfaction

There are some times when you just have to say something  but it is totally inappropriate or futile to do so.  This happens to me a lot at my day job.  My questions and concerns are either ignored or ignored.  But that's only when they're not ignored.

When this happens I have to open the pressure valve a little or else I'll explode like a overboiled pot of pea soup, which isn't pretty.  I get my satisfaction from desktop pictures and wallpapers.  It could be I need to look at something pretty to counterbalance the blandness of the office space, or maybe a subversive message is just the thing to make me feel like I've had my say without actually saying it. 

This is the picture on my day job computer desktop these days...

Attitudes are contagious.  Mine might kill you.

I know, it doesn't sound like something that happy little Auntie B would say, but sometimes the daily grind can just wear you down, no matter how happy you try to be.  This one serves as ample warning to anyone approaching my desk. 

This and many other subversive messages are available at Despair, Inc. in the form of calendars, desktoppers, posters, etc.  I love this site because it lets me know I'm not alone and likes to mock the ineffectiveness of corporate (and government) pinheads.  Best of all it mocks those stupid motivational posters meant to light a fire under corporate (and government) cogs like me.

You might not be able to retire from your job yet, but at least now you can make fun of it without uttering a word.

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