Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Two Important Points

Oh, just hold your horses.  I know I didn't get a post up by 6:30 this morning as I usually do ~ that's because I spent last night out with two other girls and we had much rich food and wine.  (Hi, Ruthie and Natasha.) 

Roman Anthony's in White Bear Lake.  Yum.  Try it.  The two men waiting on us were fabulous and fun and were able to make chocolate cake materialize out of thin air after telling us there was none.  Either they were very magical or we had enough charm to actually get what we wanted.  The cake was delicious, and even came with an edible flower.

So today I'm just trying to decide why I don't eat seafood linguine and chocolate cake every night and am grateful for the girl time.  We need girl time.  Unless you're a boy, then you need boy time.  There's always plenty of time for the commingling of the two, so be sure to spend time with those of your own gender on a regular basis.

And don't forget to eat chocolate cake.


Natasha said...


MaryAnn said...

Wait - what were the two important points? All I saw was the chocolate cake!

Sara said...

1. Girl Time
2. Chocolate Cake

A good mix.

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