Thursday, August 26, 2010

Our State Fair Is The Best State Fair

In my family the Minnesota State Fair is a more anticipated event than birthdays, summer vacations, and Christmas combined.  And what's not to love?

First stop for me is Tom Thumb Donuts, hot out of the frier. 

I know, it seems overwhelming to see all of those people, but they're really nice, albeit usually a little sweaty.  The best part about the big crowd is the fact that we're all there because we want to be.  We all have The Fair in common.

I wonder if being a year older will cause me to hurl on the rides.  It's never been a problem for me before, but my inner ears are getting kind of mushy by now.  I better be careful.

So grab your backpacks (to collect all the freebies!) and trot on over to The Fair.  It's twelve days of nonstop action, delectable edibles, cuddly animals, spinny rides, toe-tapping music and the most entertaining people watching you'll ever experience. 

Our state fair is the best state fair
Don't miss it, don't even be late
Bet dollars to doughnuts that our state fair
Is the best state fair in our state

The Fair starts today and ends Labor Day.  My blog posts may be a little sporadic during these next twelve days.  However, as a fun treat Ruthie, Ray, Husby and I will be attending Dive Night on the fairgrounds and it will be documented for your enjoyment.  Should be good!


Roseann said...

Happy Eating. My hubbie and son are heading there tomorrow while I work...I hate crowds. But, I do not hate nice greasy and salty cheese curds. Nor do I hate Sweet Martha's chocolate chip cookies. I also don't hate checking out the seed art and the biggest pumpkin. Gramps (hubbie's stepdad) has entered his prized parsnips for another try at the grand prize. Keep Ray away from the all you can drink milk booth and Machinery Hill. Happy people watching.

Sara said...

Roseann, what you need to do is sit yourself down on a bench in the shade and have your hubbie and son brave the crowds fetching the foods you love for you. That way you can eat and watch the people without them getting in your way. I would suggest a bench by the Ag/Hort building ~ up on a hill for superior people watching.

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