Friday, August 13, 2010

When You Need Some Uplifting Quirkiness

Unable Not allowed to flex any kind of creative muscles or brain cells at my day job I find it necessary to insert little snippets of fun into the mundane beige-ness that is government employment.  Computer wallpapers are a good way to do that (along with the Johnny Depp stick puppets from Charlotte).  It wasn't too long ago I told you about how I was sending not so subversive messages via my computer wallpaper but decided that just added to the whole feeling of negativity, and who needs that?

Enter Totally Severe.  While the name might imply something other than uplifting images, the truth is these images are fabulous in a bizarre, collage-y kind of way.  I've thrown away my snarky wallpaper for these utterly ridiculous and fascinating ones...

Sarah offers a whole bunch of really cool free downloads for your enjoyment.  These include but are not limited to wallpapers, backgrounds, and fonts.  When the day is dark and the wind is wet and the goose is flying low, Totally Severe will give you lots of visual stimulation and maybe even a few laughs.

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