Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Weekend Outing

It was a dreary morning filled with fog. My favorite kind of morning to stay in bed staring out the window at the billowing mist. Alas, Husby and I had plans to hit the road. With the rebirth of my bottle cap drink charms I am in search of wine-based venues to sell my wares. So I mixed business with pleasure and we visited the Woodland Hill Winery in Delano, MN.

Such lovely countryside, just on the other side of the Twin Cities from our home. 

We heard about the Woodland Hill Art Festival from fellow vendors at the Chateau St. Croix Winery events. I missed the vendor application deadline so I asked Husby if he'd like to join me in visiting Woodland Hill ~ for him it was strictly pleasure, for me mostly pleasure with a little research involved.

We saw our friends in their booth right away when we arrived.  They immediately commented on how the vendor count was so much smaller than in previous years.  I found it to be a nice, intimate grouping of some very talented artisans. 

And the fog began to disappear...

The setting at the winery is really relaxed.  There are lots of tables scattered about the grounds, most of which were occupied by groups of friends enjoying some live music and a nice bottle of wine or two.  It had been a long time since Husby and I visited an art/craft show just for fun.  And it was fun.  Talking to vendors as a vendor is both educational and enjoyable.  We made some purchases for ourselves and also did some early Christmas shopping. 

Of course we had a couple of glasses of wine and relaxed while listening to the music, watching the people, and talking about this and that amongst ourselves.

The winery also offers tastings and they seemed to be doing quite well for themselves in that regard.  There were many different wines to sample and the tasting bar was always busy.

I just couldn't get over how the whole feel of the event was so laid back.  Maybe I'm just wound so tight I've forgotten what it's like to kick back and simply breathe...

Yes, the fog rolled away that day and the sun shone warmly on the vineyard and patrons of this perfectly lovely winery.  I would love to participate in their Art Festival next year.  Of course I'll let you all know if that is to be.

Until then, I'm happy to have experienced the day at Woodland Hill.  They have lots of different kinds of events throughout the year, so if you're a wine lover or just like to have a good time, check out their website for upcoming happenings.


nano said...

We went to Woodhill for Mother's Day Brunch. A bit chilly on that particular day and the Adirondack chairs around the fire in the pit were very cozy. And the glass of sweet wine certainly didn't do any harm:).

Sara said...

Brunch at Woodland Hill sounds delightful!

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