Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Cosmopolitan Luxury

There's nothing like treating yourself to something really special once in a while.  This past year has been a rough one for Husby, so not only did I treat him to an evening at the theater to see South Pacific (only his favorite musical), I threw in a night at the ever-luxurious St. Paul Hotel.  The best part about doing these nice things for my husband?  I get to share the experiences with him.

These are the views from our 9th floor window:

Yep, that's the Mississippi River, and the treetops of Rice Park.  And for those of us who are used to Super 8 motels, something so simple as a bathroom can make a huge difference. 

The lighting was so much more flattering than horrific florescents.

And the common areas are anything but common.  We felt like the king and queen of France milling around and hobnobbing with fellow royalty.

We had appetizers and cocktails in the evening at the St. Paul Grill and breakfast in the morning at the M Street Cafe, both located inside the hotel.  The food was wonderful and the service was exquisite. 

Our little getaway was just what we needed to recharge, and it is only twenty minutes away from our house.  There's nothing like splurging once in a while.  Quite fancy!

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