Monday, May 03, 2010

Most Sublime

Saturday marked Husby's birthday.  Interestingly enough, it seemed more like my birthday.  Why?  Because I got to spend time in my favorite house of all time, the Chauncey Griggs Mansion.

I knew the house was for sale, but sadly I couldn't afford the $2,400,000.00 price.  It has since been sold, and I found out by pure accident on Friday night there was going to be an estate sale in the house the next day...Husby's birthday.  I wanted to be utterly selfish and abandon Husby on his day.  I knew the right thing to do was to stay and spend time with him, even though we hadn't made any specific plans on how to spend the day.  Back and forth in my mind, I should go, I shouldn't go.  It was a hellish morning from 7:30, the time I arose from bed, to 9:00 when I finally decided that yes I really, really wanted to go to this sale. 

Husby was perfectly fine with my going, and was grateful I didn't require him to go with me.  I really didn't go with the intention of buying anything, just to step foot inside that house once again.  (Have I told you how much I love this house?  It's almost like a past life thing.)

I'm so glad I did.

Almost everything in sight was for sale.  Everything from rugs to lamps to paintings to knicknacks. 

But as I said, I wasn't really there to buy.  I was there to soak up the house.  To smell the woodwork and admire the craftsmanship used to create such a magnificent structure.  Everything from the light fixtures

to the door knobs and window latches.

I stood on the stairway to the second floor and just looked at the beautiful windows for many long minutes.  How I love long, skinny windows.

And this door, the side entrance door mind you, is nearly four feet wide.

The carriage house is about three times bigger than my own humble abode.

I wish some of my pictures had turned out better, but there were many people there and I snapped the photos on the fly.  Or perhaps one of the many ghosts of the house was having fun with me and my camera, making things turn out blurry.  The pictures in my mind's eye are much clearer but I'm glad I got some visual reminders I can refer to on those days I'm longing to be inside the house again.

Yes, I did pick up a few trinkets at the sale.  A linen, a pickle fork, and a silver tray.  But the trip wasn't about snagging a deal.  It was all about that wonderful house.  The arresting, commanding, and most sublime Griggs Mansion.  I do believe it was the best birthday Husby could have ever shared with me.


MaryAnn said...

I'm so glad you decided to hit the sale! I knew you'd have a fab time! You should have called me, I would have loved to have wandered through with you. Be sure to let us know when the Summitt house tour happens this year as both Ray and I love meandering through history via actual bricks and mortar.

Sara said...

HA! I couldn't help but go. Regarding the Summit Avenue house tour, they don't have them every year. Occasionally I'll get something in the mail saying when it is. If I find out anything I'll certainly let you know.

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