Thursday, May 27, 2010

This Above All...

Today my nephew Paenney graduates from high school.  With such an accomplishment I hope he is proud.  He learned to play music and to blow stuff up.  He found his passions and fought his enemies.  He is on the brink of being, yes I'll say it, a grown-up. 

Lately I've been feeling some frustration regarding world circumstances as well as situations in my own little part of the universe.  The overwhelming theme seems to be following the herd.  Sometimes things just don't make any sense and I can't figure out why no one else can see things don't make sense.  I feel dismay in unchallenged ideas, policies, and practices.  Fear and submission have caused illogical things to become the accepted norm. 

So on this day of Paenney's graduation I'd like to share a commencement speech given to the graduates of Emerson College.  The advice given to these young people can be taken by young and old, CEOs and blue collar workers, and entrepreneurs and support staff.  The message can be applied to anyone and should be heeded by everyone

I hope you'll take time to listen to this speech; it's less than ten minutes long.  Take to heart the message it gives.  And Paenney, congratulations.  Husby and I are happy for you and your accomplishment and think you're quite a wonderful young man.

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