Tuesday, May 18, 2010

New Stuff Coming Soon

Busy, busy days of summer. Yes, summer is finally here in Minnesota. Well, it's actually still only spring, but having four seventy-plus degree days in a row is enough to start seeing shorts and flip-flops around here.

My organizational skills have gone to pot with the distractions of warm weather, blooming flowers, and gangly goslings all over the place. But I've been working on getting some new magnets up and running. Here's a sneak peak...

Get it? Tease? Great picture for the teaser I'm giving for my new products, huh?

The above is, in fact, one of many new Sheet Music magnets I'll be presenting in my Etsy shop over the next few days. I've also got some other-themed magnets in the works for the those of you who gravitate toward creepy or dopey. That's another hint. Dopey. But as this is a family-friendly blog I won't get into the details on those.  Let's just say Auntie B is expanding her target market just a tad.

If you want to get instant information on my newest shop listings be sure to visit Auntie B's Wax on Facebook or Twitter. New listings always get first priority on those sites.

What will she come up with next?  You may ask.  I think...

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