Monday, May 17, 2010

Spring Song

So I went down to The Farmer's Daughter, a shop which carries some of my wares, to drop off a few dozen votives.  I walked up to the counter and greeted the owner, a mentor and friend, and had to push aside some of her work in order to put my candles on the counter.  The work I casually pushed aside was a framed picture which I noticed briefly as I was managing the candles.  Once the candles were on the counter, I commented on what a cute picture it was.

Lynn told me it came from the home of a friend of hers who had recently moved and no longer had an appropriate place to hang the picture.  "She said it just doesn't go with anything." 

As always when I go to the store we chit-chatted about the latest happenings, upcoming vacations, the health and well-being of our families, and of course, business.  Throughout it all I couldn't keep my eyes off that picture.  I asked her how much she was going to ask for it.  She said her price and we went on talking, all the while my eyes glancing down on the counter to the picture. 

I commented again how charming it was, and she gave me a little bit of history on it ~ the name of the artist and approximate date it was painted.  The one we were  looking at was of course a print, but nevertheless I continued look at it with growing affection.

By the time we finished up our little conversation I said to Lynn, "oh, just wrap it up for me.  I can't stop looking at it and I'm sure I can find a nice place for it at my house."  She rang up the sale and I was on my way.

Later that day my mom called me and I excitedly told her "I bought some art today!"  I went on to describe the picture as a small girl sitting on a garden bench looking at a little bluebird.  Mom gasped and asked, "is it an old-fashioned picture?"  Why, yes it is.  "I bet that's the same picture that I loved in my grandma's house!"  The picture she remembered was one of her favorites and she can still visualize where it hung in the dining room at her grandma's house.  She was eager to see the picture to find out for sure if it was indeed the same one.

After seeing the art I bought she confirmed it was indeed the same picture that hung in her grandmother's house over seventy years ago.  OK, not the exact one, but one of many prints of an adorable little girl enthralled by the song of a bluebird in springtime, originally painted by Simon Glucklich.  I still can't take my eyes from the picture as it is propped against the hearth of the fireplace awaiting a home on the wall.  And I can't help but wonder if my attraction to it had something to do with the connection my mom has with it.  I might be foolish to be crediting mysticism and synchronicity to the purchase, but that it hung in my great grandmother's house and endeared itself to my mom when she was a little girl adds that much more to its appeal. 

I just love it.


Cheri said...

Adorable print and amazing story! I believe your Grandmother wanted you to have the same pleasure she had looking at this print and to think of her!!!

susan said...

my great grandmother gave me the same picture when I was a little girl. it has hung in my home my entire married life [32yrs] there are variations of this picture, my bird is a robin, and I have seen the same picture with the bird having a yellow chest and the girl being more blonde. the origional painting had the girl with her eyes closed, as the artists daughter was blind. I too am drawn to the picture and could never part with was painted in the 1920s and sold in Sears for 98cents..those were the days!

Anonymous said...

the artists name is Simon Gluklick

Sara said...

Susan, what a great story. I, too, have heard there were variations on the picture regarding bird (bluebird/robin) and the little girls eyes. My favorite part of the picture is the girl's cute frock!

I think this painting/print has been beloved by many throughout the decades.

Marilyn and Russ said...

I was given this picture when I was 16 by a neighbor who was cleaning out her mother's house. Today I searched for the name and artist and found your blog. This is my girl...she has red hair, eyes are open and she is looking at a robin. I love this picture! It was fun reading about others who have this. Thanks! Marilyn in New Orleans

Sara said...

What fun to hear about the variations on this print and the stories of you who own one.

I just learned my mom is soon going to receive the exact print she admired in her grandma's house more than six decades ago. Her aunt, who possessed the print, died of Alzheimer's this summer. Mom's cousins remembered how much she loved the print and will be giving it to her. Nearly made my mom cry.

I wonder what Simon would say if he knew this piece of art would touch so many lives in such a wonderful way. We're lucky to have experienced his talents.

Toni said...

I have two versions of this print. In the 8x10 the girl is wearing a yellow jumper dress, her dark blonde hair coiled around her ears and her eyes are closed. The bird bluish-grey with a red breast.
In the 10x13 print the girl has a powder blue dress, short very dark curly hair and her eyes are open. The bird is all brown.
Both pictures are charming!

Rick Guerrero said...

We are in the process of tracking down the painting we have. It was given to my wife by her great Grandmother when she (my wife) was seven years old. She has had it in her possession since 1976. We figured her great Grandmother to be the age of 90 at that time. So far it's been exciting to trace this painting and read about Simon Glucklich.

Sara said...

Is this the piece you've been researching? If so, you might have a little to go on with the information in my post.

My mom now has the print, which came from her grandmother's house, in her house, and I still have another print in my own house. Like mother, like daughter, right? I love this piece and am so glad many are able to share the joy of it.

Finding the origins of paintings/prints is always an exciting adventure, especially when those pieces are passed on through the generations.

Rick Guerrero said...

Yes Spring Song has been fun for us to explore. I've read other blogs regarding this painting. Now we are in the process of finding out if we are in possession of the original. Any advice would be welcome of a trustworthy way to research this.

Sara said...

Wow! If you have the original I'm in awe! I have no other advice to give, but please let me know what you come up with. It's quite a popular image, and such a sweet one at that. The color of the bird's breast might lead you to know about the original. Let me know what you come up with!

Verlinda Roberts said...

I also have this picture. The little girls eyes are closed. Her hair id dark. I love this picture.

盛豐 said...


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