Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Favorite

Husby is a wonderful husband.  He is very handy and smart and kind of handsome to boot.  One thing he's really good at is gardening and landscaping.  It took me a little while to trust his judgment when it came to things like tearing out trees and bushes (terminal or dead, of course) and planting new ones.  Eventually I told myself, okay, he only studied horticulture and worked in the field for a time and I have never taken care of a yard in my life and can't even make houseplants grow so... let go ~ let Husby.  I don't know what I was ever so nervous about.  He works wonders with landscaping.  Here's the best part: he considers what I would like to see in our yard when planning the landscaping.  What a great guy.

About seven years ago he planted something in our backyard after hearing me casually mentioning how much I like it.  Along the fence he most professionally placed three shrubs.  Not just shrubs, my favorite shrubs. 

This Friday's favorite ~ Bridal Wreath.

Every spring I wait patiently for the bright white flowers to bloom.  I'm never disappointed.  Such delicate little flowers they are.

But when the shrubs are in full bloom, they are loaded with a white so brilliant they practically glow in the dark.  Literally! 

Bridal wreath is my favorite today for its delicacy, its brillance, and the lovely green-and-white combination that are a sure sign of spring.

Such a happy little shrub. Bridal wreath is my favorite today. 

Leave a comment and tell me what your favorite thing is today.  Links are welcome!


Cheri said...

My favorite thing today was reading this post, I love the fact your husband just listened and now something wonderful is growing outside your house from a mention!! You have some trust and listening going on at your house!

Sara said...

Oh Cheri, you're so nice to call my post your favorite thing. I'd like to add that readers like you are also a favorite of mine, today and every day!

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