Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Listen And They Will Speak

The bottle caps are back in full swing! Magnets, that is. I just love these little magnets made from real bottle caps. The images will speak to you. Really! I'm not kidding. I mean, look at these first examples. You can't tell me that coffee doesn't speak to you.

That doesn't speak?  OK, I'll give you that.  I'm not a coffee drinker, even though I love the smell of a pot of coffee brewing.  So, how about some juicy, delicious fruit?  Are you listening? 

Maybe you're not into the healthy fruit thing.  Maybe you're interested in something a little more fermented.

Or maybe you hear nostalgia the best.  Do childhood memories speak to you?

If none of these speak to you you're just not paying attention.  Or else maybe they just aren't speaking to you.  If that's the case, be sure to check out my shop to see if there's anything there that does speak to you.  There are many available.  The easiest way to see all of the available bottle cap magnets click on the Bottle Cap Magnet section of the shop.  There are lots there already, and there will be more to come, so keep checking in.

Not only is there be a great variety of magnets to choose from, I'm also offering a deal on bulk purchases.  I know!  It's seems too good to be true, but true it is.  There are separate listings for bulk purchases.  Save $.75 on a purchase of three, $3.00 on a purchase of six, $6.75 on a purchase of nine, and a huge $12 on a purchase of twelve.  Just go to the Your Choice listing that suits your needs and let me know in the Notes to Seller what magnets you want.  Mix and match.  Or choose multiples of the same magnet.  I'm here to let as many magnets speak to you as possible.  Just one thing ~ the Your Choice listings are limited to individual magnets and not the magnet sets already listed in the shop.

Now that I've currently linked myself to death I'll leave you to go find the bottle cap magnets of your dreams.  They're handmade in the USA...by me!

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