Thursday, October 14, 2010

Did You Miss Me?

I just got back from a little jaunt to Door County, Wisconsin.  Husby and I had a little getaway for our anniversary and it was just what we both needed.  There was rest and relaxation, food and wine, inspiration and rejuvenation, and of course more wine. 

Facebook and Twitter and Yahoo Mail were ignored for four whole days.  I didn't even experience withdrawal!  While I missed you all it's true what they say ~ absence makes the heart grow fonder.  Today I begin once again, fresh and revitalized, inspired and energetic.  I have some focus and some new goals.  I have also let some things go ~ you know, those things that just bog you down and don't amount to anything ~ just tossed them into Lake Michigan for fish food.

So onward we go, slowly to start.  I want to hang on to that feeling I get when I look out on an endless body of water ~ the melancholy, the joy, the sturm and drang, the peace.  Onward to create, to nourish, to participate, and to nest.  Amazing what a little bit of nature can do to refresh the soul.


MaryAnn said...

You sound like a new person! Calm, content, rejuvenated, and dare I say relaxed? If you could put all that in a candle scent you'd make a fortune! I'm totally jealous.

Cheri said...

Yes... I did miss you!!! Happy you got away sounds wonderful and much needed!

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