Monday, October 18, 2010

Loose Muscles Are Much Better Than Hard Bodies

Last week Husby and I took a little getaway to the beautiful shores of Lake Michigan in Door County, Wisconsin.  I was reminded what it feels like to walk around without tight, knotted muscles in my shoulders and back.  Could it be one can actually sleep for ten hours straight?  Why yes it is possible, and I did it.  To what can I attribute this relaxed state?  Was it just being away from the demands of work, business, and household duties?  Or being in a place that offers me things like this...

...and this?

The keeper of our inn apologized for the lack of beautiful sunrises during our stay.  I ask you, does this look like a not-beautiful sunrise?

"Let's have a glass of wine then stroll through the town," I would say to Husby.  He would agree.  And the towns were right out scenes from a movie.

"Let's put on our hiking boots and go to the forest," Husby would say.  I would agree.  And the forest was quiet and lovely.

We also just sat on the rocky shore and watched the great water rolling toward us while we thought about nothing.

I highly recommend getaways.  Just three or four days at a time.  Every couple of weeks or so would be optimal.  In my opinion, a two-day work week is more than enough.  Loose muscles and lots of sleep are much more important...and fun.


MaryAnn said...

Just looking at your pictures calms and relaxes me! And continues to feed my jealousy of your fab getaway! I need to get away again -- far, far away.....for a long time. Did I mention it needs to be far, far away.....and for a long time?

Sara said...

MaryAnn, you really should go far, far away and for a long time. Although I wasn't that far away (6-hour drive) and it wasn't for very long (4 days), but our daily lives seemed thousands of miles and light years away.

Unfortunately the day job is making those muscles tighten up again. *sigh* Time to start planning the next getaway!

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