Monday, October 04, 2010

Something I Did This Weekend

There's a quaint little farm in Nowthen, Minnesota.  There are chickens galore, donkeys, cows, horses, sheep, bunnies, bees, llamas, dogs, and the best  This year they added an artisan market and flea market which is held every Saturday (artisans) and Sunday (fleas...?) from May until October. 

I showed my wares at the Goose Lake Farm & Winery a couple of Saturdays this year.  It was certainly a new experience, for which I am always ready.  This is a sustainable and organic farm, so I was proud to be able to show my all-natural candles made of beeswax and palm wax.  

My schedule doesn't allow my return to the farm for any future showings, but the markets are open until October 23 if you are so inclined to visit.  Kids love it as the animals are so friendly and petable.  Adults love it because they can shop for some handcrafted gifts or personal indulgences, including some delicious, organically-produced wine. 

For more information visit the Goose Lake Farm & Winery website here.

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