Friday, October 01, 2010

Don't You Love It?

Don't you love it when...

*  despite having to get up and leave for work before the sun rises the brisk, clear, dark morning sky shows a skillion bright, twinkling stars?

*  after weeks of feeling you've lost your edge with your craft someone comes through and thinks your work is great?

*  you know you can do it all by yourself?

*  you can't go on living without a bite of chocolate the person you least expect offers you a candy bar?

*  the days get shorter and the nights are filled with the savory aromas of soups and breads?

*  days of preparation leave you completely prepared?

*  the outdoor air feels light and clean?

*  gold, red, and orange become the colors of nature?

*  the weekend arrives and you've got two whole days to be completely yourself?

Happy Friday everyone.  Recognize the things you love.

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