Wednesday, October 27, 2010

A Tribute To The Monsters ~ Frankenstein

I love scary movies. Not slashers ~ none of that Freddie Kruger/Michael Myers stuff. I'm talking scary. Surreal, mysterious, and supernatural. Curses and hexes. My favorite scary movies don't really "scare" me any more, but they epitomize, for me, what scary should be ~ the black-and-white movies from the golden age of Hollywood. The monsters.

This week on the blog I'm paying tribute to the monsters of Halloween. I dare you to take some time during this Halloween season to watch some of the classic horrors. They go great with popcorn.

Think of it. The brain of a dead man waiting to live again in a body I made with my own hands! 

See the previously honored monsters here and here.

1 comment:

Cheri said...

The old classic Frankenstein was my sad!

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